Breaking barriers is no longer new at this current time. People are making news, and the world is continuing to witness the history being made every day.

Not long ago, there is quite a huge negative reaction towards people born with Down syndrome. Sadly, some parents of children born with this condition used to be in denial and unaccepting of this situation. But love does win all the time. Parents’ unconditional love led to education about the condition, furthering science about Down syndrome, and then eventually acceptance of children and adults with the condition in the society.

Although they are treated with a little more extra care, people with Down syndrome are strongly encouraged to lead a “normal” life. Some of them go to regular schools and integrate with normal students. A lot of them have gone on to pursue higher education, got themselves jobs, and even got married—the usual, “expected life trajectory” even for normal people. But in the more recent times, the achievements have become even more “elevated.”

There have been notable people with Down syndrome who have paved way for greatness to others just like them. It is quite refreshing that the society has grown more inclusive for people with various conditions that it is empowering for them to showcase what they have.

An article listed distinguished people with Down syndrome that achieved what most people would think “impossible” for people like them. In the field of music, politics, arts, entertainment, education, and even entrepreneurship, they have proven that they can excel.

The latest to make waves is the Latina Sofía Jirau, the first ever Victoria Secret model. She is not the first one with Down syndrome to make a name in the fashion industry. Australian Madeline Stuart burst into the fashion scene in 2015.

Here are some famous people with Down syndrome and their respective fields:

Ángela Bachiller—Politician
Collette Divitto—Entrepreneur
Jamie Brewer—Actor
Marte Wexelsen Goksøyr—Playwright
Judith Scott—Sculptor
Pablo Pineda—DipT BA
Sujeet Desai—Musician
Karen Gaffney—Athlete
Isabella Springmuhl Tejada—Designer

Truly it is not the handicap that would stop a man from achieving whatever it is they set their eyes on. Nothing and no one can stop a person with ambition—except themselves.

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